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SEO Copywriting

or Search Engine Optimisation is the art of getting the search engines to see your website as an "authority" site and having relevant content.


That means that if you sell widgets, your site should be all about widgets to make it relevant and raise your page rank in the search engines.

The real art in SEO is in making your site friendly to human visitors, while still reading well to the search engine spiders.

If this wasn't a requirement, you could simply write pages of information about widgets that didn't make sense.  Because of the complex nature of the algorithims that all search engines use to determine how to rank pages, it is neccessary for the pages to make sense as well as be relevant.

Using SEO as a marketing strategy is useful as a long term strategy to keep your ranking high in organic searches on the internet.

Organic searches are supposed to carry more weighting with the search engines, but no one really knows, how the search engines actually rank pages.

Just so you will understand, when you do a search, usually the "Organic" listings are not at the top of the page!  Usually the top two spaces shown are actually paid ads, as well as the ads shown on the side of the pages (usually in blue).  So Organic ads are free and are worthwhile to make sure that your webpages are SEO friendly.

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"...Charles told me that he could help me sell my properties in Quebec, Canada. He set up the website copy and wrote advertising copy for me to send out. I have sold out one subdivision already, and the second is 65% gone..." Robert Edwards - Rouge River Properties, Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

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I had no idea what copy writing was, but I have known Charles & Lily for over 20 years, so I decided to let them try. I am glad I did! My sales were so good in the past 2 years that I built a new clinic and hired other dentists to help me out!"
Dr. Willie Hugo
, Cavite City, Philippines



Mission Statement

“Create high quality copywriting within designs that "work." Deliver solid copywriting & design services for the client to help them accelerate toward their business objectives - faster, easier, and with clear advantage.”